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Saturday, February 24, 2024

SCOTUS Punts On Race And Schools Case

Despite dismantling affirmative action, the court declined to hear a case on the admissions policy at an elite high school.

College Admission And Financial Aid Decisions Delayed Amid Rollout Issue

The revised Free Application for Federal Student Aid has caused delays in financial aid decisions and has caused some students to postpone crucial college decisions.

Nearly 153,000 People Enrolled In Biden’s New Student Loan Plan Will Get An Email...

Nearly 153,000 student loan borrowers currently enrolled in a new repayment plan launched by the Biden administration are expected to get an email Wednesday notifying them that their remaining federal student loan debt will be canceled, totaling about $1.2 billion.

3 Ways To Fix Math’s Racial Divide

A new report from RAND pinpoints three main reasons why elementary and middle school students aren’t excelling at math.

U.S. Forgives Nearly $137 Billion Of Student Loans – Teachers, Social Workers, Public Servants...

Teachers, social workers, and other public servants are among those expected to benefit from recent Biden Administration efforts to expand eligibility for federal student loan forgiveness.

Help Wanted: Schools Struggling To Keep Black Teachers

Innovative recruiting strategies like Teacher Villages aren’t keeping pace with the number of Black teachers leaving the classroom.

‘Very Strange’: Parent Reacts To Permission Slip To Read Book By Black Author

Students at a school in Miami-Dade County had to have a permission slip signed by their parents to read a book by a Black author. CNN Victor Blackwell reports.

Reading Books by Black Authors To Kids? Only If Parents Say OK

A Florida school sent home a permission slip stating “Students will participate & listen to a book written by an African American.”

Despite Pushback, Black Lives Matter At School Keeps Growing

During a week of action, even more supporters demanded a better school experience for Black students.

AI In Schools: Revolution Or Risk For Black Students?

1 in 4 educators plans to increase the use of AI in the classroom, but experts warn it could worsen long-standing race and equity issues.

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