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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Jamie Foxx Marks His Remarkable Recovery And ‘New Respect For Life’ Following Health Crisis

Jamie Foxx took the occasion of an acceptance on Monday to address his health crisis in April. It was his first major public event since he was hospitalized in Atlanta in April with an undisclosed medical condition. Foxx received a standing ovation when he took the stage.

Andre 3000 Breaks Billboard Record With Flute Song

Andre 3000 who has been beloved as both a solo act and part of the hip-hop duo Outkast, has broken a Billboard record for the longest song to ever crack the Billboard Hot 100.

One-Hit Wonders Who Have Found Success Behind The Scenes

These artists created something that found a place in people's hearts, whether it was because their songs were incredibly danceable or because the artists' heartbreaks were similar to their own. Whatever the reason, they left a lasting impression.

Prosecutor Says Young Thug Was ‘Proclaimed Leader’ Of Violent Street Gang At Racketeering Trial...

Fulton County Chief Deputy District Attorney Adriane Love said YSL – the acronym for Young Thug’s label, Young Stoner Life Records – in fact stands for Young Slime Life, an Atlanta-based criminal street gang led by the rapper and affiliated with the national Bloods gang.

One-Hit wonders Of Hip-Hop

In the 50 years since its inception, hip-hop has become a powerful force to be reckoned with. Having only been around for half a century hasn't stopped hip-hop from giving us some of the biggest and best "one-hit wonders" in mainstream music.

The Bestselling Video Game Consoles Of All Time—And Dramas Behind Them

Competition between brands is prevalent in every major industry, but few battles are as fierce as the ones fought in the video gaming landscape.

Keke Palmer Keeps Minding Her Black-Owned Business

Multi-hyphenate entrepreneur Keke Palmer shows “100% Pure Love” for all the Black-owned companies you can shop at this holiday season and beyond.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Bravery Helps Us All

In “Cobra,” the Houston rapper discusses depression and self-harm. Here’s what Dr. Rheeda Walker, a therapist in Meg’s hometown, says about the lyrics and her impact.

Is JAY-Z’s Wealth Good For Black America?

He might hate being called a capitalist, but HOV got rich using the same system that leaves Black communities in jeopardy.

Tupac Shakur Could Win His First Grammy Almost 30 Years After His Death

Tupac Shakur may be on the path to winning a Grammy Award posthumously. The rapper, who died after being shot in Las Vegas in 1996, was one of three late artists who were nominated last week in best music film category.

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College Board Releases Revised AP African American Studies Course Material

The College Board released a revised curriculum of its Advanced Placement African American Studies course Wednesday, ahead of an expected Fall 2024 launch.