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Monday, May 23, 2022

Barnette’s Quick Rise Has Republicans Reeling Over Potential Upset And What It Could Mean...

Republicans are watching conservative candidate Kathy Barnette's sudden rise in their party's upcoming Pennsylvania US Senate primary with a mix of unease, wonder and dread.

Fact-Checking The Biden Vs. Rick Scott Argument Over Scott’s Tax Proposal

A prominent Republican, Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, is still falsely describing what his own tax proposal says.

Biden Mourns 1 Million Us Covid Deaths As ‘Irreplaceable Losses’

President Joe Biden on Thursday mourned 1 million American deaths from Covid-19, using the occasion to again urge Congress to pass additional funding to control the pandemic.

Justices Will Meet For The First Time Since Publication Of Draft Opinion

The Supreme Court is set to meet behind closed doors on Thursday for the first time since the astonishing leak of a draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Sailors Say Aircraft Carrier That Had Multiple Suicides Occur Among Crew Was Uninhabitable

The situation on the aircraft carrier came to national attention when three sailors died by suicide in one week last month.

With An Unprecedented Leak, Roberts Appears Suddenly Ineffectual

At this moment in his Supreme Court stewardship, John Roberts appears suddenly ineffectual. Gone is the confident jurist whose views prevailed across the board and the man who was all-controlling of operations at the court building.

Pelosi Announces House Will Vote On Bill Next Week That Would Allow Staffers To...

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the chamber will vote on legislation that would allow Capitol Hill staffers to unionize, a major development for labor activists who have pushed for the option for years.

Why May 9 Is A Big Day For Russia, And What A Declaration Of...

Western officials believe Putin could formally declare war on Ukraine as soon as May 9, a symbolic day for Russia, paving the way for him to step his campaign.

Black Catholic Nuns: A Compelling, Long-overlooked History

In the 1In the 1960s, Professor Shaneen Dee Williams writes, Black nuns were often discouraged or blocked by their white superiors from engaging in the civil rights struggle.

Newer, Fitter Descendants Of Omicron Variant Begin To Drive Their Own Coronavirus Waves

There's no denying the numbers: Even with spotty reporting, Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are rising again in the United States.

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The Stigma Around Male Domestic Violence; How Do We Discuss This...

In an article done by the World Economic Forum, Vanita Sundaram stated that among the young people she spoke to about whether or not violence was unacceptable provided a variety of responses, with them stating that men are innately violent. Women hitting men was seen as “unproblematic,” with people arguing that women are physically weaker and frail (thus, their use of violence was less significant).