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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

University Scientists Reveal The Alarming Rise In Violence During The Pandemic

Scientists at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine say violence prevention efforts must become “inclusive of social and normative shifts regarding human dignity and rights.”

This Free Directory Connects Communities To Black Farmers

This fall, school districts across Texas are marking a shift to what educators call an “abstinence-plus” curriculum — the first time the state has revised its standards for sexual health education in more than 20 years.

Urban Civil Rights Museum Will Bring Little-Examined Corners Of History To Light

The museum will be housed in National Urban League’s new Harlem headquarters, the Urban League Empowerment Center, currently under construction and slated to open in late 2024/early 2025.

Rail Agreement Avoids Disruptions To Supply Chain And Passenger Travel

At Union Station in Washington, the second-busiest station on the Amtrak network, some passengers expressed concerns about the status of their transportation amid threats of a rail employee strike.

Teen Ordered To Pay Rapist’s Family Is Not First Sex Trafficking Victim Penalized For...

Lewis is just one of several teenagers -- often of color -- who have been legally penalized or convicted of killing their sex trafficker or assaulter in recent years in the US.

Judge Orders Teen Who Killed Her Rapist To Pay His Family $150,000 In Restitution

By Lucy Kafanov and Chuck Johnston, CNN (CNN) -- An Iowa judge ruled Tuesday that a girl who was 15 when she killed a man...

While Inflation Takes a Toll on Seniors, Billions of Dollars in Benefits Go Unused

With prices of necessities rising dramatically, many older Americans are having trouble making ends meet.

Anti-Violence Efforts Center on Providing Youth with Economic Opportunities

Washington, D.C. youth and activists gathered for “Flip the Trap Kick-Off” to discuss how financial literacy and providing career opportunities can curb community violence.

CNN Anchor Bernard Shaw Dead At 82

Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw died Wednesday of pneumonia unrelated to Covid-19, Shaw's family announced in a statement. Shaw was 82.

Surveillance Video Shows Fake Trump Elector Escorted Operatives Into Elections Office

The video sheds more light on how an effort spearheaded by lawyers and others around Trump to seek evidence of voter fraud was executed on the ground.

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The ‘Invisible Tax’ On Black Teachers

The additional tasks assigned to educators are not divided equally among Black teachers and their non-Black colleagues, leaving Black teachers in roles that don’t set them up for promotions and lead to early burnout.