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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Black Neighborhoods and Shopping Districts Stripped Of $406 Billion As Racial Wealth Gap Continue

For America, Black History Month brings opportunities to revisit our nation’s lessons, achievements, and unfulfilled promises, capturing our attention as well as our hopes.

Pregnant 21-Year-Old Ta’Kiya Young Fatally Shot By Ohio Police

21-year-old Ta’kiya Young – whose death her family called a “criminal act” and “gross misuse of power and authority” after seeing the footage – was later pronounced dead at a hospital after an officer fired through the windshield of the pregnant woman's car.

For UPS Drivers, Record Heat Means Dangerously Hot Trucks

With temps in unairconditioned delivery trucks reaching as high as 140 degrees, climate change could be a factor in a potential UPS strike.

Ajike “AJ” Owens’ Family Seeking Justice As Neighbor Remains Free

Ajike “AJ” Owens , mother of four, was shot and killed in Florida following a longtime feud with a neighbor who had complained about the victim’s children playing outside.

Atlanta City Council Approves Millions In Public Support For Controversial ‘Cop City

The Atlanta City Council voted early Tuesday to approved over $30 million in public money for construction of the “Cop City,” dubbed by opponents, following a marathon 16-hour meeting that saw hundreds of people voice their opinion.

Black, Queer, And Fighting To Save The Planet

Word In Black spoke with Jeannine Kayembe Oro about the most pressing environmental issues for queer people, the importance of acknowledging queer voices and identities year round, and how climate justice can contribute to queer liberation.

Experts Discuss Implications Of Abortion Restriction On Women’s Health

The Bloomberg School of Public Health detailed the stark implications of the historic June 2022 Supreme Court abortion ruling.

Black Beekeepers Are Reclaiming Their Relationship With The Land

The relationship between Black folk and the outdoors is often associated with enslavement. Black beekeepers are trying to change that.

TV and film Writers Are Fighting To Save Their Jobs From AI. They Won’t...

While there are clearly limits for how well AI tools can produce compelling creative stories, these tools are only getting more advanced, putting writers on guard.

Another Black Student Punished For White Wrongdoings

Whether it’s student-athletes forced to cut off their hair, or a middle school serving fried chicken to start Black History Month, Black students consistently face racial micro and macro aggressions at school that they don’t deserve.

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Darryl George: Trial Begins To Decide If Texas School District Can...

A Texas judge will hear arguments Thursday to determine whether the state’s CROWN Act, a law that prohibits discrimination based on natural hair and hairstyles, also applies to school dress codes that limit the length of those hairstyles.