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Friday, July 12, 2024

President Biden, Talk To The Voters

President Joe Biden missed an opportunity to connect with tens of thousands of people at the Mass Poor People’s and Low Wage Workers Assembly and Moral March on Washington and Polls, and should focus on Project 2025 and the Supreme Court's decision to grant Trump immunity.

Dispatch From A World On Fire

Wildfire smoke pollution from Canadian wildfires last summer killed more than 100 people in Michigan and caused significant health problems for others, highlighting the need to break our fossil fuel addiction and protect forests and trees.

Armed With New Technology And Tactics, Russian Trolls Are Back To Disrupt U.S. Elections

Russia is actively targeting Black Americans with disinformation and voter suppression tactics in an effort to influence the 2024 presidential election, with the goal of electing Donald Trump and implementing pro-Russia policies.

Dangerous Immunity

The Supreme Court has given Donald Trump immunity from prosecution, allowing him to commit crimes without facing consequences, which has led to concerns about the future of democracy in the United States.

Presidential Immunity And The Second Revolutionary War

Ulysses S. Grant's prophetic words about the future of American democracy have become more evident with the recent Supreme Court ruling giving immunity to the U.S. president, creating a monarchy and potentially turning the 2024 presidential election into a second Revolutionary War.

Trump’s Quest For Support From Black Rappers

Donald Trump has received support from Black rappers during his presidential campaigns, and his efforts to engage with young Black voters through outreach events and pardons have shown potential for success in the 2024 election.

We Can Fulfill America’s Promise By Throwing Everything We’ve Got At The Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is a call to action for America to leave its children an America as good as its promise, and the green economy is a solution that can tackle all these problems and turn around the economy, the lives of its people, and the fate of the planet.

Angel Is Still An Angel!

Angel Reese, a basketball player for the Chicago Sky, has been breaking records and earning accolades since joining the WNBA, despite facing criticism for her success.

Project 2025 Is The New Southern Manifesto

Project 2025, a radical, extreme, pro-authoritarianism plan pushed by conservatives, aims to take America backwards by eliminating safe, legal abortion and effective contraception, replacing skilled civil servants with extremist partisan hacks, and undermining racial justice initiatives.

The Mumbler-In-Chief And The Liar-In-Chief

Could the “historic debate” between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump possibly live up to the hype? CNN promoted it nonstop, and had analysis days before, and for hours before and after the actual 90-minute debate. Despite the hype, neither candidate knocked the ball out of the park. 

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