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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Biden: Secret Service To Review Rally Security Measure

President Biden has called for an independent review of security measures at a recent Trump rally in Pennsylvania, following reports of violence and threats of violence at the event.

Israeli Airstrike Targets Hamas Leader, Many Fatalities In Gaza Reported

Israeli officials targeted Hamas' top military official, Mohammed Deif, in an airstrike in southern Gaza, where local authorities say dozens of Palestinians were killed in multiple strikes in the same area.

App Banned From Hosting Young Teens In A Groundbreaking Settlement

The Federal Trade Commission has prohibited the anonymous messaging app NGL from hosting users under the age of 18.

Defense Secretary Austin Affirms U.S. Stance On Russia’s War In Ukraine

Lloyd Austin has stated that the US will not be drawn into Putin's reckless war, but will continue to support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion.

‘So Creepy’: Inside CNN’s Investigation Of Airbnb’s Hidden Camera Problem

Airbnb renters have experienced hidden cameras in their rentals, and CNN's Kyung Lah investigates how the company keeps this issue hidden from the public.

See Biden Award U.S.’ Highest Civilian Honor To NATO Secretary General

President Joe Biden awarded the highest civilian honor to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during the NATO summit in Washington, DC.

Radio Host Who Interviewed Biden Confirms His Aides Sent Questions For Approval

CNN's Victor Blackwell reported that radio host Andrea Lawful-Sanders confirmed that the White House sent her questions to approve ahead of her interview with President Joe Biden.

Health Minute: How To Fight Constant Morning Grogginess

Sleeping for seven to nine hours a night is recommended for adults, but if you wake up feeling tired, it could be due to factors such as sleep disorders, medications, or alcohol consumption.

Vice President Harris Steps Into Spotlight At Essence Festival

Vice President Kamala Harris put the focus on the dangers of a second Trump administration, rather than the growing concerns over President Joe Biden’s candidacy, as she attempted to convince Black voters to once again deliver a win for the Biden-Harris ticket.

‘Only Way To Fly’: Defense Attorney On Judges Decision To Pause Some Deadlines In...

Criminal defense attorney Joey Jackson talks with CNN's Pamela Brown about Federal judge Aileen Cannon pausing some filing deadlines in the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump in a brief order.

Must Read

V.P. Harris: Here’s What We’re Doing To Protect Black Mothers

Vice President Kamala Harris has announced new national health and safety standards for hospitals, including clear procedures for emergencies and mandatory annual training for staff, in an effort to stem the maternal mortality crisis and protect new mothers.