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Monday, May 23, 2022

Tops Employee Recounts Encounter With Suspect Month Before Shooting

The produce manager at Tops grocery store, Rose Wysocki, joins New Day to discuss her previous conversation with the shooting suspect.

Alleged Buffalo Shooter To Face Judge At Felony Hearing

The suspect's court appearance comes as state and federal lawmakers take action to prevent future mass shootings, CBS2's John Dias reports.

Fox Hosts Feel The Heat But Deflect Criticism After Buffalo Massacre

In the wake of the Buffalo supermarket mass shooting and widespread discussion of far-right violent extremism, Fox's prime time hosts pivoted to what they claim is the true threat: The left.

Trailblazing Women Taking The Lead

From a Rwandan award-winning teacher to a gallerist delivering sell-out shows in Ghana, trailblazing women across the continent are setting the standards for others to follow.

NY: Buffalo Neighborhood Food Desert

Omar Jimenez talks with the Buffalo community on the importance of the Tops grocery store.

US Classifies Griner As Wrongfully Detained In Russia

US officials are classifying WNBA star Brittney Griner as wrongfully detained in Russia, and the basketball star's case will now be handled by the US Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

Covid: Pandemic Healthcare Workers Suffered Mental Impacts Similar To Soldiers In Combat

The Journal of General Internal Medicine report reveals devastating mental strain on healthcare workers during pandemic.

‘It is White Supremacy’: CNN Speaks To Son Of Buffalo Massacre Victim

New details reveal the gunman in the Buffalo massacre scouted the store in early March and planned his attack months in advance. CNN's Omar Jimenez speaks to the son of one of the victims of the attack.

Chicago Curfew Hours Criticized After Shooting At ‘Bean’

There is a new curfew in Chicago after a 16-year-old boy was gunned down near a popular tourist attraction this weekend.

Harlem Community Feeling Shockwaves From Buffalo Shooting

While Buffalo may be hours away, the pain of Sunday's racially motivated shooting is hitting close to home. CBS2's Jessi Mitchell hears from people in Harlem.

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In an article done by the World Economic Forum, Vanita Sundaram stated that among the young people she spoke to about whether or not violence was unacceptable provided a variety of responses, with them stating that men are innately violent. Women hitting men was seen as “unproblematic,” with people arguing that women are physically weaker and frail (thus, their use of violence was less significant).