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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Remote Work’s Climate Benefits Bypass Black Workers

Working from home reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but racism means we don’t all get the opportunity to have a smaller carbon footprint.

White House Secures A.I. Safeguard Agreements From Eight Additional Tech Companies

Eight new-technology companies are making voluntary commitments on artificial intelligence as the White House looks to safeguard development of the emerging technology while working toward more comprehensive regulation.

Gen Z And Media Literacy, ‘It’s Sexy To Be Smart’

Gen Z has the largest access to information than any generation. But a lack of media literacy leaves us susceptible to misinformation.

Heat Stroke? More Like Heat Strikes

As extreme temps rise, delivery drivers and warehouse workers face unsafe conditions and obstacles to collective action.

Navigating Networking Events While Black

To help you make the most of your networking endeavors, here are some essential tips to boost your confidence and effectiveness at important events.

Google Launches Watermarks For AI-Generated Images

In an effort to help prevent the spread of misinformation, Google on Tuesday unveiled an invisible, permanent watermark on images that will identify them as computer-generated.

Black Unemployment Is Low. What Happens When It’s Not?

Black workers are disproportionately vulnerable to economic fluctuations, and are often the “last hired and first fired.”

When It Comes To Tech, We Are Who We’ve Been Waiting For

Dr. Fallon Wilson sees a future where “Black girls code, artificial intelligence doesn’t discriminate, and Black people are driving change in America.”

Are Self-Driving Cars A National Security Risk?

In addition to billions of dollars of investment and countless hours of engineering and research, self-driving cars have also brought new questions about safety and security to the industry.

Biden Administration Unveils Draft Changes To US Merger Review Guidelines

The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday released a set of long-anticipated draft updates to the nation’s merger guidelines, introducing potentially comprehensive changes to the way the US government reviews mergers.

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Biden Administration To Ban Medical Debt From Americans’ Credit Scores

The White House said the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will develop new regulations that would prevent unpaid medical bills from being counted on credit reports.