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How Big Tech Protects Victims’ Privacy In The Fight Against Human Trafficking

How does one measure a crime as pernicious and brutal as human trafficking without putting the victims behind the numbers at risk? Stacker compiled resources from the United Nations' International Organization for Migration, or IOM, to explain how new discoveries in statistical analysis are helping illuminate the dark world of human trafficking.

These Are The 13 States With Comprehensive Consumer Privacy Protection Laws

Public awareness about the need for digital privacy has consistently increased over the past two decades. As of March 2024, 13 states have comprehensive privacy protection bills in effect, while 20 others have proposals in the approval process. The legislation covers two categories: consumer rights and business obligations.

How Scammers Use AI To Target Search Engine Users

Experts say even the top search results on Google and other search engines can be fraudulent. Here's what to look out for.

Live Nation, Ticketmaster’s Parent Company, Sued In Groundbreaking Monopoly Lawsuit

In a groundbreaking antitrust lawsuit that threatens to upend the way concertgoers pay for tickets, the US government and dozens of states sued Live Nation on Thursday, alleging that for years the parent company of Ticketmaster abused its industry dominance to harm fans nationwide.

Uber Will Soon Let Riders Book A Shuttle To The Airport

Uber wants to make it cheaper to get a ride to the airport, concerts or sporting events. The rideshare company on Wednesday announced the launch of Uber Shuttle, an offering that will let users book up to five seats in a shuttle from a central location to an event or the airport – for less than the cost of a regular Uber ride.

What’s Next For Tiktok Users? Legal Analyst Explains Ban Bill

Civil trial attorney and legal analyst Robin Nunn lays out the next steps for TikTok, as lawsuits complicate the social media giant's ability to operate in the United States.

Will AI Change How Black Women Date?

Dating apps promise users the perfect match. But what happens when algorithms that power them are built on racist foundations?

What’s At Stake In The Google Antitrust Case? Billions Of Dollars (And The Way...

The Justice Department launched its final assault on Google’s search engine dominance, wrapping up a case that began during the Trump administration and trying to persuade a federal judge that Google illegally monopolized the online search industry through payments like the kind it’s made to Apple.

Is Name Discrimination in Hiring Still A Trend? Industry Leaders Say Yes

Black job-seekers are still whitening their résumés. Even so, one year after finishing college, 60% of Black graduates were underemployed.

The House Just Voted On A Potential TikTok Ban (Again). Now What?

House lawmakers have once again passed legislation that could lead to a nationwide TikTok ban, renewing a massive threat to the company’s US operations. The move could fast-track a proposal TikTok has been fighting against for weeks.

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The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals on Sunday, 116-107, to move to 3-0 in the series and knock on the door of their first NBA Finals appearance in 13 years.