Murray Holds Roundtable To Highlight Impact Of American Rescue Plan Housing Relief In Clark...

Vancouver Housing Authority was the first housing authority in Washington state to issue all of the rental assistance vouchers they received thanks to the American Rescue Plan.

COVID Variant ‘OMICRON’ Case In Minnesota

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a statement Thursday, said it is working closely with public health authorities in Minnesota and New York City to investigate the latest confirmed OMICRON case.

Former Florida Congresswoman Dies At 95

A pioneering and history-making lawmaker has passed away.

CNN Suspends Chris Cuomo For Helping Brother

So many hate to see these brothers in trouble. But, Chris is in trouble for doing what most would do - assist a close family member in need.

Independence For Barbados, Now A Republic

With singer and billionaire businesswoman Rihanna in tow, Barbados throws off yet another legal attachment to European colonialism. However, a total removal from the UK is not the story.

Mississippi Law Bars Abortion After 15 Weeks

The conservative Supreme Court seemed poised Wednesday to uphold a Mississippi law that bars abortion after 15 weeks.

What Happened To Millions Of NBA All-Star Stephen Curry’s Money? You Might Be Surprised

Can a seed planted and cultivated at a historically black university over time grow into a full-blown, competitive NCAA Division 1 program in an athletic endeavor that many don’t even consider a sport, even after Tiger Woods?

Popular Police Chief Charles Moose Dies

Portland’s own first Black police chief, Charles Moose, died on Thanksgiving, at age 68.

Federal Judge’s Ruling Halts Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers In 10 States

The federal judge on Monday blocked President Joe Biden's administration from enforcing a coronavirus vaccine mandate on thousands of health care workers in 10 states that had brought the first legal challenge against the requirement.

What Is Going On With Fentanyl?

“Fentanyl is beginning to move across the country and affecting communities that haven’t had to address the opioid epidemic in the past,” says Brendan Saloner, a Johns Hopkins School of Public Health professor who studies drug addiction and treatment.