Why You Can’t Find Cheap At-Home Covid Tests

“It’s just the way our government works,” Hendrix said, which is a challenge for businesses that are “anxious to get started and think they’ve got something that can help.”

Mother, Baby Now HIV Negative

New science has given HIV positive patients new hope. Especially one mother, from Esperanza, Argentina, who has had HIV since 2013. Researchers call the woman the “Esperanza patient." The word "Esperanza" means “hope.”

Quarantine And Tracing Rules Are All Over The Map For Students

At this point in the pandemic, most parents are familiar with “covid notification” letters. But the letters’ instruction on whether your kid must quarantine or not varies wildly from school to school.

How Low Can They Go? Rural Hospitals Weigh Keeping Obstetric Units When Births Decline

As rural hospitals struggle to stay financially stable, their leaders watch other small facilities close obstetrics units to cut costs.

As Workers Struggle With Pandemic’s Impact, Employers Expand Mental Health Benefits

As the covid-19 pandemic burns through its second year, the path forward for American workers remains unsettled, with many continuing to work from home while policies for maintaining a safe workplace evolve.

A Judge Takes His Mental Health Struggles Public

In 1972, just 18 days after he was selected to run for vice president with Democratic Sen. George McGovern, Thomas Eagleton was forced off the ticket. The issue? Years earlier, Eagleton had been hospitalized and treated with electroshock therapy for depression.

Texas Providers See Increased Interest In Birth Control Since Near-Total Abortion Ban

In September, when Texas’ near-total abortion ban took effect, Planned Parenthood clinics in the Lone Star State started offering every patient who walked in information on Senate Bill 8, as well as emergency contraception, condoms and two pregnancy tests.

COVID – Caused Mammography Delays Hit Minorities Harder

“Delaying a mammogram one or two months was unlikely to have significant consequences. But when you see delays of many months or a year or more, they become more problematic.”

Public Health Lifts Advisory At Vancouver Lake

Clark County Public Health has lifted its blue-green algae advisory at Vancouver Lake. The bloom of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, at the lake dissipated and results from water samples collected this week showed toxin levels are no longer elevated.

How To Crush Medical Debt: 5 Tips For Using Hospital Charity Care

What if a law passed but no one enforced it? That’s essentially what has happened with one small but helpful rule about hospitals and financial assistance for medical bills.