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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Lorraine Hansberry’s Legacy: To Be Young, Gifted And Black

Hansberry’s plays were groundbreaking, and she used her literary voice to speak out against racism, patriarchy, and inequality worldwide.

Thanks To Biden, 153K More People Kiss Student Debt Goodbye

Some borrowers on the SAVE Plan will soon find out if some, or all, of their student loan debt was forgiven by the president.

Federal Government To Begin The Formal Process Of Preparing For Partial Shutdown – Again

Congress is quickly approaching a pair of government funding deadlines, with one week to go before a potential partial shutdown and lawmakers at an impasse with no clear plan in place to avoid it.

Darryl George: Trial Begins To Decide If Texas School District Can Restrict The Length...

A Texas judge will hear arguments Thursday to determine whether the state’s CROWN Act, a law that prohibits discrimination based on natural hair and hairstyles, also applies to school dress codes that limit the length of those hairstyles.

Black Fathers Embrace The Role Of Stay-At-Home Parent

Flexible work, rising childcare costs, and a desire to spend time with family created the conditions for Black men to explore being stay-at-home dads.

Nearly 153,000 People Enrolled In Biden’s New Student Loan Plan Will Get An Email...

Nearly 153,000 student loan borrowers currently enrolled in a new repayment plan launched by the Biden administration are expected to get an email Wednesday notifying them that their remaining federal student loan debt will be canceled, totaling about $1.2 billion.

Why Don’t Police Find Missing Black Folks?

A two-year investigation into how Chicago police handle missing person cases reveals the disproportionate impact on Black women and girls, how police have mistreated family members or delayed cases, and how poor police data is making the problem harder to solve.

DA Fani Willis Testified She Paid Cash During Trips With Top Prosecutor

Willis testified last week that her use of cash explains why there is no paper trail documenting reciprocal payments she made during her trips with Wade.

Yale Apologizes For Past Ties To Slavery

Yale University has issued a formal apology for its historical ties to slavery. The apology is part of Yale’s “ongoing work to understand its history and connections to slavery,” the university said in a news release Friday.

The 25 Best Cities For Black Women To Flourish Financially

While the socioeconomic realities of our current time touch all corners of the country, there are pockets of the U.S. where the wealth gap narrows and Black women have more opportunities.

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