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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Black Families Report High Unmet Demand, Barriers To Entry For After School Programs

More than half of Black families reported being unable to access after school programs, according to a new report by Afterschool Alliance. Here’s why that matters.

HBCU Grad Juanita Ingram Crowned Mrs. Universe 2022

HBCU grad, attorney, author, actress, and award-winning TV producer Juanita Ingram was recently crowned Mrs. Universe by the Ms. World Corporation

Remembering 9/11: How The Terrorists Attacks Created An Annoying, Sometimes Frustrating, But Indispensable Inconvenience

What many Americans do not know is that before those tragic events of 9/11, families could walk their loved ones to the gate without any security checks.

Remembering 9/11: Firefighter Roderick Lewis Was There, And In Ways, He Still Is

Retired New York Center firefighter Roderick Lewis still carries scars from Sept. 11, 2001, attack. Among the 345 firefighters lost that day were dozens of his friends.

Solar Energy – More Affordable Than Some May Believe

The cost of solar panels has plummeted in the last decade, and options now exist for nearly anyone to tap into solar energy opportunities.

Black Teen Feels He Has To Leave School After Refusing To Cut His Hair

A Black South Dakota teen feels he has no choice but to switch schools after refusing to cut his hair, his mother said.

How Student Loan Debt Has Increased Over Time

Historical data shows how average student loan debt balances have increased faster than inflation. In fact, student debt has also grown to equal more than credit card and auto loan balances combined.

Why NASA Wants To Return To The Moon Before Sending Humans To Mars

Before landing the first humans on Mars, NASA wants to return to the lunar surface -- but in a way that we've never explored the moon before.

Uvalde Survivor Who Lived Near The Shooter Is Getting A New Home

Uvalde school shooting survivor Mayah Zamora learned she had lived just blocks from the gunman -- and she found it too hard to return home when she was released.

All-Black Women Crew Operates Flight In Honor Of Bessie Coleman

An all-Black female crew operated an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Phoenix in honor of Bessie Coleman, the first Black woman to earn a pilot's license in 1921.

Must Read

The ‘Invisible Tax’ On Black Teachers

The additional tasks assigned to educators are not divided equally among Black teachers and their non-Black colleagues, leaving Black teachers in roles that don’t set them up for promotions and lead to early burnout.