Portland Org. To Receive Bezos Day 1 Fund

Homelessness in Portland has received some funding support. Portland Homeless Family Solutions is selected to receive $2.5 million in grant money to help end family homelessness, a Portland nonprofit organization. The organization received the funding from the Bezos Day 1 Fund. 

Bezos The Day 1 Families Fund issues annual leadership awards to organizations and civic groups doing compassionate, needle-moving work to provide shelter and hunger support to address the immediate needs of young families. The vision statement comes from the inspiring Mary’s Place in Seattle: no child sleeps outside. Since launching in 2018, The Day 1 Families Fund has issued 130 grants totaling $398 million to organizations in 38 states. This year’s recipients include 32 organizations in 21 states that provide services to homeless families. They will receive $96.2 million in funding to help provide food, shelter and support to families across the country.

PHFS’ annual budget is approximately $2.5 million annually. About half of their funding comes from government contracts through the Home for Everyone Joint Office of Homeless Services. The other half of our funding is donated from individual community members, faith communities, local businesses, and foundations. “It really does take a village.”

Their site includes, “We help families keep their housing long-term. We provide support to families for 12 months after they move into housing. We help families create action plans to balance their budget, connect to their new community, increase their income by getting jobs and education, and learn new skills they can use to keep their housing.” “We help families move quickly back into permanent housing, usually within a couple of months of meeting them. Most families move into market rate apartments. PHFS helps families pay security deposits and up to 12 months of rent assistance to help families settle into their new homes.”