New Smithsonian Exhibit Shows Racism Against Emmett Till Continues Today

Although thousands have filed past the casket of Emmett Till displayed at the Smithsonian’s Museum of African American History and Culture, on September 3, a new exhibit was set to open in “Flag Hall” of the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History that shows the recently bullet-riddled road markers where Till’s body was found. This is desecration that starkly indicates the level of racism and White supremacy still infesting America.

Merkley, Colleagues Ask President Biden To Assist In Evacuating High-Risk Afghan Partners

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley is working alongside nine members of the U.S House of Representatives to ask President Biden to assist in evacuating high-risk Afghan partners in collaboration with NGOs.

J.R. Smith Is Headed Back To School; May Play On HBCU’s Golf Team

Smith is retired now and about to embark on a new adventure, enrolling at North Carolina A&T State University, one of the nation’s top HBCUs, to pursue a degree in liberal studies. Maybe those NBA scouts were right after all.

New Legislation Aims To Revitalize America’s Downtowns

To combat that, and in an effort to revitalize downtown areas, five members of Congress drafted a bill that they say will enhance the quality of urban life.

Blood Pressure Medication Recall Expands Again To Include Losartan

(CNN) -- A widespread recall of common blood pressure and heart failure medications has been expanded to include more drugs containing losartan. The recall...

Eat Less Salt: Your Heart Will Thank You

 By Glenn Ellis (Trice Edney Wire) - Have you ever been told by your doctor to reduce the salt in your diet? Every wondered why? Sodium...

Endometriosis – The Common Story Of Pain, Suffering Few Know About

By Autumn Dalton Howard University News Service WASHINGTON -- By the time Victoria Makinde finished her story of pain, unanswered questions and confusion, there were tears...