The New Black Panthers Were In Brunswick

On November 22, 2021, multiples of Black Revolutionaries drove to Brunswick, Georgia in response to the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery.

Reform The Filibuster And End The Assault On Voting Rights Now

Unlike the right to vote, there is nothing sacred about the filibuster.

School Curriculums And The New Politics Of Fear

There are two undisputable facts. First, most people really have little understanding of the true meaning of critical race theory (CRT). Second, there is little evidence that critical race theory is taught in K-12 classes.

First-Ever Civil Rights Scorecard Grades Senators On Performance Defending Voting Rights

How much do your senators care about voter suppression? How committed are they to our most sacred constitutional right?

Investing In American People And Communities

The plan that passed Congress was a watered-down version of the Biden administration’s original American Jobs Plan. And there’s a lot that it doesn’t address.

Lesson For Democrats In Virginia Defeat: Give Voters Something To Vote For

Election Day in Virginia was a major defeat for the Democratic Party. It could signal a much bigger disaster in 2022 if Democratic officials do not learn the right lessons and do not deliver on the promises they have made to voters.

Giving Voice And Hope To Children With Sickle Cell Disease, One Duck At A...

From the lonely nameless Maytag Repairman to Progressive's quirky sales rep Flo and Jake from State Farm, beloved mascots give many products iconic voices that withstand the test of time.

Should Jon Gruden’s Intolerance Be An Extra Warning To Black Parents?

Good coaches are examples of good character. They can be an athlete’s source of strength and encouragement regarding their physical, mental, social, and academic development.

The Peculiarly Silent Pandemic Of Gun Violence In The Black Community

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, gun violence has soared in our communities—in some places to record highs in the past year, when our nation saw over 21,570 homicides and experienced the largest annual jump in homicides in the nation’s history.

A Red Flag On The West Coast

Elder is a Black man who allies himself with white supremacists. He denies that systemic racism exists. He argued forcefully to the Los Angeles Times that he wants to “change the rhetoric about how bad the cops are.”