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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Israel Strikes Gaza Camp, Killing At Least 90 Palestinians

Israeli strike on a displacement camp in southern Gaza killed at least 90 Palestinians, with footage showing bodies in the street and destroyed tents, while Israeli officials claimed the strike targeted Hamas' military chief, Mohammed Deif.

Former South Africa Leader Zuma Promises Jobs And Free Education As He Launches Party...

Former South African President Jacob Zuma Saturday lamented the high levels of poverty among black South Africans and promised to create jobs and tackle crime as he launched his new political party's manifesto ahead of the country's much anticipated elections.

Haiti’s Prime Minister Resigns As Council Sworn In To Lead Political Transition In Violence-Ravaged...

Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced his resignation on Thursday, handing power over to a transitional council that will seek to gain control of the violence-ravaged nation.

U.S. Warns Israel Amid Gaza Carnage It Doesn’t Have Long Before Support Erodes

President Joe Biden and his top advisers are warning Israel with growing force that it will become increasingly difficult for it to pursue its military goals in Gaza as global outcry intensifies about the scale of humanitarian suffering there.

Biden Pressed Netanyahu To Get More Humanitarian Aid Into Gaza As Fears Grow Over Conflict...

President Joe Biden on Sunday pressed his Israeli counterpart to “immediately” scale up the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

A Proposed Law In Ghana Would Require Citizens To Report LGBTQ People To Authorities

Most countries in Africa criminalize same-sex activity and/or LGBTQ people, but enforcement can vary. In Ghana same-sex relationships were illegal prior to this current bill, LGBTQ centers and groups were still allowed to exist. If the bill passes, their existence will become illegal, too.

Jamaica Heads To Women’s World Cup Knockout Stage For First Time

Jamaica became the first Caribbean nation to reach the knockout phase of the Women’s World Cup. Jamaica had never previously reached the knockout stages of a World Cup – men’s or women’s – prior to the 0-0 draw in Melbourne on Wednesday.

What Do We Know About The Us Soldier In North Korea And What Might...

For the first time in decades a US soldier is believed to be in North Korean custody. US military officials say King “willfully and without authorization” crossed into North Korea while taking a civilian tour of the Joint Security Area.

Rapper Meek Mill Vows To ‘Spread The Word’ Against Antisemitism After Auschwitz Visit

Meek Mill said he went to Auschwitz to "see this for myself and learn about it for myself," describing what he saw there as "terror, pain, something you can't really explain."

Another Broadcaster Quits TikTok, Says Secuirty Risks ‘Too Great’ For Media

Experts say the security fears behind the recent government bans, while serious, currently appear to reflect only the potential for TikTok to be used for foreign intelligence, not that it has been.

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V.P. Harris: Here’s What We’re Doing To Protect Black Mothers

Vice President Kamala Harris has announced new national health and safety standards for hospitals, including clear procedures for emergencies and mandatory annual training for staff, in an effort to stem the maternal mortality crisis and protect new mothers.