The New Black Panthers Were In Brunswick

By Ascend Shaka Allah, Chief of Staff, New Black Panther Party

On November 22, 2021, multiples of Black Revolutionaries drove to Brunswick, Georgia in response to the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery. Being that we know the history and current racial events of this country of Amerikkka. 

With how that event happened, we knew we had to make our presence known. We were able to unite three black revolutionary groups into one huge and cohesive unit. Under the leadership of Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, as one unit we went to The Courthouse to put pressure on the entire trial. With how that brother was killed, we had to ensure that those three individuals had to carry a guilty verdict. Any other verdict would not carry any water with what they did to Ahmaud Arbery. We’ve had enough of these white people killing black people and getting off. It’s past time that they finally pay for thier wrong doings. 

There were many family and friends who came out to show support for the Arbery family. There were many people who were marching and chanting to do thier support. Along with them, there were dozens of clergy who came to pray and support as well. The judge even said that he didn’t want anymore black clergy to show up there. To show more support, we showed up, strong, disciplined and armed. To see all of us there together as a huge unit, they knew we meant business and were not playing around.

 There were a lot who were happy to see us there. On the other hand, the court was not happy to see us there. In their mind now, they had to have the right verdict on this trial. With the voice of our National Spokesman of The New Black Panther Party Mikhail Muhammad, our voice was definitely heard. 

In this country with all the hell that Amerikkka’ gives black people everyday, we have to do more then what we’ve been doing. There isn’t a lone person that can do all by themselves. There is definitely power in numbers. We have so many races that all move as one unit – especially the Caucasians. The New Black Panther Party For Self Defense is a powerful organization that has, and still gives, our black people an edge.

 Although there are other Black Revolutionaries there, we still have the same mindset and the same goal. Malcolm X exclaimed that freedom is not given, you have to take it. There’s no place nor time to turn away your head. That may not be your blood relative but we are all family. What they do to you, they can always do to me. What happens to you definitely effects me. 

We as black people have to unite as one to make a huge black stand. It’s just like the U.S. armed forces; they have many different jobs but they all work and move as one whole. There may be a health practitioner, a lawyer, an electrician, a clergyman or a foot soldier; as long as we use our strength as one unit. As black people in this country, we always need each other because our lives are at risk.  For more information, go to It’s time to be our brother’s keeper. I send peace and blessings to all of my beautiful black family.