It’s Much, Much More

Dr. E. Faye Williams

By Dr. E. Faye Williams

(Trice Edney Wire) – Many believe that television is both a blessing and a curse. It entertains us daily, informs us, and opens the world view of a significant portion of our population. From the gigantic box with the tiny screen positioned in the corner of the room to the hand-held wonder of the smartphone, television has become our constant companion. Any time of the day or night, we can see the problems of humanity solved in one hour or less through this ‘miracle machine.’

That is also our curse. We have become impatient with the challenges which life confronts us. We have developed the expectation that problems must be resolved immediately, if not sooner. When we replace reason with the demand for an immediate solution, far too frequently, personal disasters accompany the impulsiveness of impatience.

As I see it, a major point of discussion immediate to our current circumstance is Inflation AND its connection to the coming election. Political consultant, James Carville is credited with creating the slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid,” as the determining factor in elections. Republicans have cleverly framed Inflation as synonymous with Economy and claim they can fix it. In desperation, millions of Americans are willing to trade their votes for what they have been convinced to be an immediate solution. This election is about so much more!

Understandably, rising consumer costs create discomfort and that discomfort seeks a solution. Contrary to information propagandized in this country, Inflation is a Global issue. COVID, rising oil prices, microchip shortages, supply-chain issues, and increased demand all contribute to Inflation. There is no single remedy Republicans can employ that will result in an immediate reversal of Inflationary trends. As an example, the recent, arbitrary reduction of oil production by Saudi Arabia and Russia, over which the US has no control, has had a disruptive impact on the world-wide cost of gasoline.

The Economy is so much larger than the limits of Inflation and any discussion of it must include lowered unemployment, increasing wages, and the potential for improved quality of life. Any fair balance sheet must assess current trends with what we experienced in the last administration. We must use the past actions of a Republican led Congress to predict what we will face under one in the future.

Fortunately, Republicans are being completely transparent with their non-platform-platform. Their leadership has told us that they will repeal the Inflation Reduction Act. This will eliminate the initiatives that would provide well-paying jobs and infrastructure improvements for all Americans. Think of the pothole filled road you frequently drive or the prayers you must say before you cross your ‘special’ bridge.

Republicans have promised to reverse the legislation which authorizes Medicare to negotiate prices with Big Pharma, and will eliminate annual prescription cost limits and monthly cost limits on Insulin. That should go over well with the 1 out of 10 Americans victimized by Diabetes. Adding insult to injury, if given the majority, Republicans have promised to reinstate the $1.9 Trillion Trump Tax Cut which, overwhelmingly, favors the 1 percent.

“It’s the economy stupid,” but it’s so much more! Using the past as a prelude, it’s the long-term impact on the lives of ‘average’ Americans. .

Recently, Carville gave us another of his ‘pearls of wisdom.’ He said, “The Republicans told us they were going to end a woman’s right to choose. We did not believe them. They did. Now, the Republicans are telling us if they get power, they will shut the government down to slash Social Security and Medicare. I believe them. You should too.”

VOTE!! Before you vote, THINK of the spoken and unspoken promises that await you and your children’s future. It’s more than just the pain of the moment–a lot more!

(Dr. E. Faye Williams, President of The Dick Gregory Society, United Nations Peace Ambassador. (;