Windshield Smasher Disturbs Neighborhood

In downtown Hawthorne on Southeast 49th, a man on a bicycle with a trailer attached was seen throwing rocks at windshields. One woman told the news media that a man ran into the road screaming at her and when she went to drive by him, he threw a rock at her driver’s side back window.

This one of several stories by people living nearby. Another person said he were headed home from work when he noticed a car facing the wrong way on a nearby railroad track. He said he slowed down to see if someone needed help when the window breaker struck.

Portland police said that they used a video to identify the suspect as 51-year-old Robert Casey McClatchey. He was given a $100 citation for second-degree criminal mischief. Some were not happy because they felt that what he did to them amounted to criminal. They feel that the fear and threat amounted to assault; at least.

A criminal citation, or citation in lieu of arrest, is used to charge someone with a crime without booking them in jail. The citation includes a court date if the person wants to contest it, or the fine can be paid without showing up to court.

Portland has been finding ways to deal with the rising crime issue. Two weeks ago there was a heated City Council session addressing council members’ frustration with the continued crime in Portland. Police Chief Chuck Lovell said low police staffing is the reason for a lack of response to persistent property crime.