Portland’s City Budget Approves $5Mil For Police

Portland Police Bureau was approved 5 million dollars as Portland Oregon’s safety net bill is passed. This bill: reverses public safety budget cuts officials made in 2020, rehires 25 police officers, purchases more body-worn police cameras, sets up a police training academy, and hires “public safety support specialists” who will respond to low-level emergency calls. 

Too off police work with media to strategically enhance issues that will favor more money for law enforcement. This time as always there was a response to an increase in violent crime in the city. Portland recorded 75 homicides in the past year. 

This bill will put more action into making the city safe with first responders to assist with those in a mental health crisis – instead of armed police. Budget cuts was targeted as the culprit for the heightened violence with Portland police department currently consisting of 800 police officers. The department believes it should have 1,200. 

After the George Floyd outcry, the city slashed its police budget by $15 million. Money is put into other areas that are proven more effective in reducing crime and violence than the militaristic approach that has caused so many negative issues.