Hip Hop Group Lifesavas Honored With Oregon Music Hall Of Fame Induction

The Portland Medium

One of Portland’s first successful Hip Hop groups and pioneers in the industry, Lifesavas, was inducted into The Oregon Music Hall of Fame recently. Hailing from Portland, Oregon and known for their classic Hip Hop sound, Vursatyl, Jumbo, and DJ Rev Shines make up the group. Their style consists of tag-team rhymes, as a matter-of-fact storytelling complete with a soulful production. In addition, their songwriting skills are present in their masterpieces of various subject matter and concepts – finished with a touch of funk.

Discovered by Chief Xcel from Blackalicious, Lifesavas performed with Blackalicious Quannum Projects under invitation in San Francisco. The rest is history. The group made a splash with college audiences with their songs.

Their albums include Spirit in Stone released in 2003 and Gutterfly released in 2007 with track appearances in “Hello_Hi_Hey” on Molson Red Leaf Collection Vol. 1 (2004) and “Government Cheese” on “We Came from Beyond, Vol. 2” (2003).

The Oregon Music Hall of Fame is a prestigious institution that inducts those who have made major contributions to the evolution, development and perpetuation within music. Those honored by this honor include not only individuals but groups as well!

Based on the organization’s website, nominees must have been born in Oregon or have lived or operated in Oregon at some point during their lifetime. The inductees also must have been in the music industry for a minimum of 20 years. However, in case of a candidate’s premature death or due to other outstanding service or circumstances they may still qualify for the honor. All music genres are looked at by the organization. Nominees can come from all musical genres.

Below is a list of categories:

PERFORMERS: Instrumental and/or vocal. Individuals or bands/groups/ensembles that have created the music that we listen to.

NON-PERFORMERS: Songwriters, producers, conductors, engineers, disc jockeys, record executives, journalists, promoters, and other industry professionals who have had a major influence on music, locally, nationally, or internationally.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Teachers, venues, sponsors, businesses, organizations, philanthropists, and institutions—anyone who has made it possible for us to listen to the music that we love.

Below are criteria that the Oregon Music Hall of Fame use to determine the nomination of an individual or group:

• Well known in his/her field of music

• Global, national or regional exposure

• Wide name recognition outside of the state of Oregon

• Received awards for musical achievement

• Had his/her work performed on television, video, radio, or movies

• Continued popularity of musical contributions

• Has toured nationally or internationally, or has written music that has been performed on tour

The Oregon Music Hall of Fame is a prestigious organization that inducts new members every year. The organization looks for input on who should be indicted. If you’re in the industry and believe someone deserves this honor, feel free to nominate them. Nominations and suggestions will only be considered by The Oregon Music Hall of Fame Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee decides on yearly candidates for induction to The Oregon Music Hall of Fame. A special Selection Committee consisting of pioneering members from the Oregon music community handles the list of nominees and then vote for candidates, choosing new inductees annually. Congratulations you the Lifesavas on their much deserved honor. Listen to their hit song Hello Hi Hey and you may realize why they received this recognition.