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Monday, April 22, 2024

Newsom Offers A Compromise To Protect Indoor Workers From Heat

Newsom offers a compromise to protect indoor workers from heat. The deal comes a month after the administration unexpectedly rejected sweeping heat standards for workers.

Suicides Are Up Among Black Youths. Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Researchers studying suicide haven’t included enough Black people, but one study points the finger at a familiar cause for a rising rate among Black youths: racism.

Health Organizations File Lawsuit Against FDA For Refusing To Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Several health organizations have assembled to take legal action against the Food and Drug Administration for their lack of movement on a public health matter.

Racial Disparities In Environmental Concerns Highlighted In New Gallup Survey

Black Americans are more likely than other racial or ethnic groups to express concerns about environmental threats and experience acute ecological crises, with many facing challenges in relocating to avoid environmental threats.

What Teens And Parents Should Know About The Dangers Of Vaping

The number of teens vaping is on the rise, especially among middle schoolers. We hear from a pedestrian about the risks and what parents should watch for.

How HBCU Students Can Access Enough Food

Black students attending public HBCUs are facing alarming rates of food insecurity. Here’s how they can be successful.

‘Send Him To Angola’: White Lawmaker Attacks First Black EPA Chief

After Michael Regan worked for climate justice in Louisiana, one congressman was quick to blow the dog whistle.

Black Maternal Health Week

Shirleen Allicot has the story on Black maternal health disparities for Black Maternal Health Week.

When Marissa Farrow Prays, It Goes Viral On Instagram

Young Instagrammers are finding faith through the international preacher who says prayer has always been “everything” in her life.

Congress Likely To Kick The Can On Covid-Era Telehealth Policies

Federal lawmakers face a year-end deadline to solidify or scuttle an array of covid-era payment changes for telehealth services that include allowing people to stay in their homes to see a doctor or therapist.

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Supreme Court To Debate Whether Cities Can Punish People Who Are...

In the most significant appeal involving unhoused Americans to reach the high court in decades, the justices will hear arguments Monday on whether ticketing people who live on the streets is “cruel and unusual” and violates the Eighth Amendment.