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These Vibrant, Bigger-Than-Life Portraits Turn Gun Death Statistics Into Indelible Stories

Zarinah Lomax has designed dresses from yellow crime-scene tape and styled jackets with hand-painted demands to raise awareness about gun violence in Philadelphia, creating portraits of young people who have died from gunfire and their families and friends left to ask why.

Are Black Teens Safe With 5 Hours of Daily Social Media?

Social media use among Black teens is linked to poor mental health, including higher rates of suicidal ideation and poor body image, and researchers are exploring the link between online racial discrimination and suicidal ideation.

5 Black Athletes Who Have Stood Up for Mental Health

Five athletes, including Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles, Dak Prescott, Brittney Griner, and Vernon Maxwell, have openly discussed their mental health issues, teaching us that it's okay not to be okay.

How To Break Free From The Illusion Of Social Media Success

Social media success is a carefully curated illusion, and it is important to redefine success on our terms by questioning our motivation, taking a social media break, curating our feed, silencing notifications, and shifting our focus to personal goals and aspirations.

The Supreme Court Just Limited Federal Power. Health Care Is Feeling The Shockwaves.

The Supreme Court's decision to overturn a 1984 precedent that gave deference to federal agencies in legal challenges has significant consequences for the nation's health care system, as it could lead to a patchwork of regulations and more legal battles over health policy.

Alcohol Abuse Experts Discuss Alcoholism In The Black Community

Alcohol abuse experts discuss the impact of alcoholism in the Black community, highlighting the higher predisposition to addiction and the importance of honesty and treatment.

Pain Doesn’t Belong On A Scale Of Zero To 10

The zero-to-10 pain scale, which dates back to the 1970s, has become ubiquitous in the medical field due to the "pain revolution" of the '90s, but recent research has shown that it does not necessarily result in better pain control.

Supreme Court OKs Local Crackdowns On Homelessness, As Advocates Warn Of Chaos

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision on homelessness Friday will make it easier for elected officials and law enforcement authorities to fine and arrest people who live on streets and sidewalks, which could have far-reaching health consequences for homeless Americans and their communities.

Blacks Need Black Media for Our Mental Well-Being and More

Black media is essential for accurately reporting on Black stories, yet only one in three Blacks get their news from Black media, with less than a quarter doing so regularly.

Mississippi Lacks Black Doctors Amid Attacks On Diversity Efforts

Jerrian Reedy, a Black medical school student at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, is pursuing a career in medicine in memory of his father, who died after sustaining gunshot wounds, and is among a small share of Black medical students in a state where nearly 4 in 10 people identify as Black or African American.

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Portland Parks & Recreation Unveils Summer Swim And Free Swim Schedule

Portland Parks & Recreation offers a variety of swimming options at its four indoor pools and seven outdoor pools, including Play Swim, Free Swim, Family Swim, and Adult/Preschool Swim sessions, with safety measures in place for non-swimmers and young children.