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Friday, September 29, 2023

Will Biden’s New Gun Prevention Office Help Black America?

With Black Americans experiencing gun homicides 12 times more than white Americans, on top of being targeted for racially-motivated mass shootings, whill Biden's new Gun Prevention Office help Black America?

Mind Full Or Mindful? Normalizing Mental Health For Black Men

Mind Full or Mindful? We need to encourage Black boys and men to mind their mental health — before it’s too late.

How to Acknowledge And Include The Deaf Community During Deaf Awareness Month

Some people are born deaf, while others get into accidents, have medical issues or lose their hearing with age. When not provided with the proper resources or environments, being deaf can be a very isolating experience.

WATCH: Skin Lightening Is An $8.6 Billion Industry. This Woman Is Trying to Stop...

For over a decade, Amira Adawe has devoted her life to putting an end to the skin lightening industry, particularly the use of creams that contain toxic levels of mercury. Here's how she's doing it.

Mercury Found In Some Beauty Products Can Enter The Bloodstream, The Brain and Breastmilk

CNN explains how high levels of mercury found in some skin whitening creams can affect the body of people using them and put entire households at risk by contaminating their homes.

U.S. Health Care Workers Face Elevated Risk Of Suicide, New Study Finds

Compared with people who don’t work in the medical field, health care workers face an increased risk of suicide, especially registered nurses, health care support workers and health technicians, according to a new study.

Biden Administration To Ban Medical Debt From Americans’ Credit Scores

The White House said the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will develop new regulations that would prevent unpaid medical bills from being counted on credit reports.

What Happens When Childcare Centers Close?

More childcare centers across the country will close down as emergency federal funding is set to expire on Sept 30.

Are You Experiencing Racelighting? Here’s What It Means

Are you experiencing Racelighting? Think gaslighting but with racism added — and Dr. J. Luke Wood says if the condition isn’t identified, the healing can’t begin.

15% Of Youth In The Us Were Treated For Mental Health Disorders In 2021

The kids are not OK. A growing portion of today's youth are reporting that they struggle with mental health disorders.

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Supreme Court Will Look At New State Laws That Attempt To...

The Supreme Court will leap into online moderation debate for the second year running after the justices on Friday agreed to decide whether states can essentially control how social media companies operate.