Urban League To Host Community Conversation

Pictured: Urban League President and CEO Nkenge Harmon Johnson (left) & St. Rep. Janelle Bynum (right)

By RayJaun Stelly, The Portland Medium

The Urban League of Portland will host its fifth “All of Us Community Conversation” for the Portland Metro Area on Thurs, Dec. 15 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Catlin Gabel School’s Creative Arts Center located at 8825 SW Barnes Road in Portland.

The theme of the event is “The Intersections of Public Safety and Oregon’s Current Public Defense System’, and is co-hosted by Urban League President and CEO, Nkenge Harmon Johnson, St. Rep. Janelle Bynum, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel, Senior Counsel for Oregon Justice Resource Center Ben Haile, and Legal Resource Advocate and Founder for PDX Legal Resource Guide Michelle Love.

The Urban League of Portland has a long history of helping to identify and correct discriminatory practices and policies that are used to oppress African Americans and other underserved communities throughout the state of Oregon and this event is another attempt to do so.

According to Harmon Johnson, the event is an opportunity to hear from her and other movement members of the community in the Portland Metro Area about public safety, Oregon’s current public defense system, and other issues facing the community. In addition, they will honor community champions who are doing dynamic work to advance the movement forward at the event as well.

“We will be talking about fundamental fairness and access to justice amongst all people of Oregon,” says Harmon Johnson about the event. “Justice is for people who stand accused and accusers for victims, we all have a role to play in making sure our state has enough public defenders.”

“If you’re a member of this community then it impacts you, if you believe in the constitution then it impacts you as well,” she added.

This free event is offered in-person and virtually. You can register online at ulpdx.org/CCPDX2022 or by calling (503) 280-2600.

Due to the rise of COVID cases we are asking folks to wear a mask if attending in-person.