Violence In Portland From 2 Gang Members Now Sentenced To Life In Prison

Two gang members in Portland have been handed life sentences after being convicted on racketeering charges that spanned several decades. Lorenzo Laron Jones, 50, and Ronald Clayton Rhodes, 38, were sentenced to life as Hoover gang members in federal prison. An addition ten years, as well as five years of supervised release, was also a part of the sentence.

The case against the gang members involved a meticulous investigation by law enforcement agencies. And on October 26, a federal grand jury found Jones and Rhodes guilty on multiple counts including racketeering conspiracy, murder in aid of racketeering, and using and carrying a firearm during a crime of violence. The individuals were part of a notorious gang that operated in Portland but originatesin Los Angeles California in the 1960s. The racketeering charges brought against the two were based on evidence that linked them to crimes and illegal activities over an extended period.

The prosecution linked Jones to the murder of Wilber Butler in September of 2017 and Rhodes was linked to the December 2015 murder of Kyle Polk. Following an extensive trial that involved multiple witnesses, evidence, and legal proceedings, the gang members were found guilty. The judge handed down life sentences, ensuring that these individuals will no longer pose a threat to society.

The Hoover gang has been in the news. The prosecutor believes that the prosecution and sentencing remove dangerous individuals from the streets. The sentencing of these gang members carries broader implications for law enforcement efforts, both locally and nationally. It demonstrates the commitment of law enforcement agencies to dismantle organized crime networks and hold their members accountable for their actions. 

The sentencing of gang members in Portland to life in prison on racketeering charges is a significant milestone in the ongoing fight against organized crime. It represents a resounding victory for law enforcement, the justice system, and the community at large.