The Music Group In The 70s Called Pleasure

The Portland Medium

Pleasure is band that mixes soul, funk and jazz with a street edge. They became a cult cluster on the underground African-American music scene of the late Seventies. A new version of the band formed in 2019. 

Pleasure was formed in Portland in 1972 as a merger of 2 native bands: The Franchise including percussionist Bruce Carter (December twenty eight, 1956 — August twelve, 2006), musician Nathaniel Phillips, player Marlon McClain, and also the Soul Masters, including instrumentalist Donald Katharine Hepburn, instrumentalist Michael Katharine Hepburn, saxist Dennis Springer, trombonist/guitarist Dan Brewster, vocalizer Sherman Davis, and musician Bruce Smith.

Alternative musicians are a part of the cluster as well including trumpet player Tony Collins and lead vocalist/guitarist Randy Hall. Pleasure holds a dear place in the hearts of many true music fans. Fans of the group could hear and see their live shows every day if they could. 

The song, Midnight at the Oasis, is a favorite of many of Pleasure’s fans. The original is a 1973 song written by David Nichtern and recorded by folk and Blues singer Maria Muldaur. Pleasure covered the song which appeared on the album Dust Yourself Off in 1975.  They had a big hit with “Glide” in 1978. Unfortunately, after the “Glide”, important moves were not successful and defeated the group in 1981.