Senator Wyden: Congress Should Examine Uvalde Texas Police’s Response During School Massacre

Long time Senator Ron Wyden has taken aim at the police response during the mass school shooting of children that happened in Uvalde, Texas. He is also pushing for stricter gun laws across the country. The Senator spoke with reporters last week calling for an inquiry into how police responded to the shooting.

Plastered all over the news was an 18-year-old gunman who opened fire inside of an elementary. He killed at least 19 students and two teachers. Asking the question, “Should there be an inquiry, investigation?” Wyden said, “Absolutely.”

Reports came out criticizing the police department’s handling of the situation. Wyden made his remarks on the same day. It was reported by the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety that officers waited in a hallway of the school for more than 45 minutes rather than entering adjoining classrooms. This has caused outrage. Video can be seen of the same ookice organization tackling and teasing family members trying to enter the building to save the children.

Sen. Wyden added more to his comments by stating that the U.S. needs more common sense gun laws. He forcefully said that there needs to be laws in place that prevent mass shootings from happening. He also recognized that gun violence is also plaguing Portland.

The Senator’s solution included universal background checks, raising the age limit to buy guns, and banning assault weapons.  “If there are Republican senators who don’t have the moral courage to act, or at least try to prevent more of these massacres, I personally think they should hang it up, go home, and let someone else have the job,” Wyden said.

Sen. Wyden will be holding five virtual town halls across the state this week. His office said this will give Oregonians a chance to weigh in on gun safety measures. He also said that the measures he is proposing would not infringe on the rights of law abiding gun owners.