Portland Police Cars Set Ablaze In Act Of Arson At Training Facility 

At least 15 police cars were set ablaze in an act of arson at a training facility in northeastern Portland, Oregon. The incident occurred in the early hours of last Thursday morning. There were no reported injuries. Some images released by the Portland Police Bureau revealed towering flames engulfing the vehicles, while a thick cloud of grey smoke billowed into the sky. After the fires were extinguished, burnt-out cruisers with melted hoods and collapsed front lights made up the scene. One car even had its internal frame exposed, showing the severity of the destruction. A large propane tank, ominously situated next to two burning cars, was found.

This recent act of arson targeting the training facility is not the first suspected incident of its kind on government property in Portland this year. In January, authorities launched an arson investigation following a series of fires that damaged city-owned equipment, including a forklift, an excavator, and a bulldozer. 

During that investigation, evidence at the scene indicated that the fires were intentionally set. Notably, the location of these January fires is approximately 20 minutes away from the police training facility by car. However, it remains unclear whether there is any connection between the two incidents or if any individuals have been implicated in the equipment fires.

The Portland Police Bureau confirmed that each torched vehicle sustained significant damage or was completely destroyed. Authorities responded swiftly to the scene, with officers and Portland fire officials arriving at 1:55 a.m. local time to tackle the blazing inferno. The incident took place within a fenced-in area at the Portland Police Training Division, a sprawling complex situated near Portland International Airport, approximately 10 miles from downtown. Although the building itself remained unharmed, the series of blazes left a trail of devastation in their wake.

In light of the suspected arson, a fire investigations unit has been launched to determine the cause of the incident. The Portland Police Bureau stated that they are treating the case as a deliberate act of arson. The specialized unit is comprised of investigators from both Portland Fire and Rescue, as well as a detective from the Portland Police Bureau. At present, no suspects have been identified in connection with the fires. Authorities are urging anyone with information related to the incident to come forward and contact either the police bureau or the fire investigations unit’s tip line.