Driver Who Accelerated Towards Protesters At PSU Apprehended

In a tense incident at Portland State University in Oregon, police detained the driver of a white Toyota Camry who allegedly accelerated towards a crowd of pro-Palestinian demonstrators and then fled the scene while spraying what appeared to be pepper spray towards protesters who confronted him. The man, whose identity has not been released, was taken to a hospital on a police mental health hold, according to a written statement from the Portland Police Bureau.

Eyewitnesses recounted the terrifying moment as the vehicle surged towards the crowd, prompting screams from the protesters. However, the driver managed to brake before reaching anyone. Demonstrators swiftly approached the car, striking it, while the driver exited and sprinted away, continuing to spray the pepper spray towards those attempting to apprehend him. Police later located and arrested the suspect.

The car sustained significant damage during the confrontation, with windows smashed and graffiti spray-painted on its exterior by the demonstrators. This incident occurred shortly after law enforcement officers cleared out a library on the campus that had been occupied by protesters since Monday. A total of 22 arrests were made by the police on Thursday.

Across the nation, tent encampments of protesters have emerged, demanding that universities cease conducting business with Israel or companies perceived to support the ongoing conflict in Gaza. As tensions remain high, more than 2,000 individuals have been arrested at universities across the United States over the past two weeks, according to national news outlets.

Following the incident at Portland State University, it is worth noting again that it occurred shortly after the police cleared out a library on the university campus that had been occupied by protesters since Monday. The arrests made by officers during this operation, totaling 22 individuals, will undoubtedly attract further attention from the public and various organizations.