Man Faces Bias Crime Charges After Stabbing Incident In Northwest Portland

A shocking incident in Portland’s Old Town neighborhood has led to the arrest of 42-year-old Corey A. Nesenson on multiple bias crime charges. According to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), Nesenson allegedly harassed a bi-racial couple, attacked a man with scissors, and spat on an officer.

The unsettling series of events began when Payton Thomas, who was visiting a friend working in the area, noticed Nesenson. “About a third of the way into the block that we were on, he stopped and started lighting a fire,” Thomas reported. Things quickly escalated when Nesenson started following an interracial couple, according to Thomas.

Upon arrival, police officers witnessed Nesenson allegedly assaulting Payton, cutting him with scissors, biting him, and yelling racial slurs. In the ensuing arrest, Nesenson spat on one of the officers, adding to his offenses. Nesenson now faces multiple charges, including second-degree assault, first-degree bias crime, aggravated harassment, reckless burning, and fourth-degree assault. These charges reflect the severity of his alleged actions and the clear racial component of the harassment.

The incident, which has left the community shaken, underscores the persistent prevalence of racial bias and hate crimes. It also serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges law enforcement and communities face in ensuring safety and upholding the values of tolerance and respect.

The Portland Police Bureau is continuing its investigation into this incident. As the case unfolds, the community awaits justice for the victims and is reminded of the importance of standing against such bias and hatred. The incident is a stark reminder of the work that needs to be done in addressing racism and prejudice, both at the individual and societal levels.