James Baldwin Drop-In Portland Workshop

A drop-in workshop with artist and dialogue facilitator, Sharyll Burroughs, takes place on two consecutive Sundays, 10 a.m.—1 p.m. at Gallery 114, 1100 NW Glisan Ave in Portland: January 16 – What Am? and “I” and January 23 -I”+ We and Connection. ‘This workshop will invite you to: challenge belief systems; cultivate awareness; embrace the practice of inquiry; embrace curiosity and possibility; recognize historical, societal, and cultural influences; contemplate a human identity–the truth of who you really are.’

Baldwin’s insights seeks to help awaken the inner-self, the realm where truth resides and from which authenticity is lived. The group will experiment with the practice of IN-quiry, a crucial component of deep and meaningful introspection. Curiosity is important too. His greatest desire was that each and every one of us be exactly who we are.

Sharyll Burroughs to experience a James Baldwin most people are not aware of. A spiritual being who sounded more like a mystic, a Buddhist monk, or an Indian sadhu. A prophet who preached the gospel of human identity and our common humanity. Baldwin’s greatest desire was that each and every one of us be exactly who we are.

The best way to begin reassessing a human identity is to remain curious about what it means.  “In this workshop we will explore identity from Baldwin’s visionary perspective, far beyond the superficialities prescribed by society.”