Two Ida B. Wells High School Students Killed In Car Crash During Police Chase

According to a letter sent to families from Ida B. Wells Principal Ayesha Coning, the two students who lost their lives were Dylan Brasky and Jayden Rolon-Ekis. Coning expressed her condolences to their families and friends and wished a full recovery for Cole “CJ” Johnson, the third person involved in the crash and a recent graduate of Ida B. Wells High School.

The fatal crash occurred during a police chase with a stolen vehicle. The tragic incident resulted in the deaths of two individuals, while another sustained serious injuries. The incident took place on Tuesday, June 25, when Gresham police attempted to stop a vehicle near the area of Southeast 159th Avenue and Division Street. However, the driver of the stolen vehicle refused to stop and led the police on a chase. 

The pursuit came to a tragic end when the driver crashed the stolen vehicle into another car and a utility pole near Southeast 139th Avenue and Southeast Division Street. It was later discovered that the vehicle involved in the chase had been reported stolen. The driver of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries.

As the new school year approaches, Principal Coning assured students and staff that the counseling team would be available to provide support to those affected by the devastating news.

The loss of Dylan Brasky and Jayden Rolon-Ekis is deeply mourned by the Ida B. Wells High School community. The recovery of Cole “CJ” Johnson is being closely monitored, and the community continues to offer their support and well wishes during this difficult time.