6 Women In Portland Metro Area Found Dead

The news of six women dead in Portland has become nationwide. Some outlets are claiming that a serial killer may be responsible. This is after the remains of six women have been found over the last four months. No arrests have been made in connection to the deaths. The time span is from February through last month.

These women were reportedly found within 100 miles of each other. Their bodies were on the sides of roads, in the woods, as well as in secluded rural areas. One body was that of a Native American woman who was found near Interstate 205 and Southeast Flavel Street in Portland. Krisin Smith’s body was found less than three miles away near Southeast Deardorff Road and Flavel Street in Portland. Awareness of these deaths is growing.

As can be imagined, multiple law enforcement agencies are investigating these deaths. They are comparing information to determine if the deaths are connected. They want to know if there is one or multiple killers. They may be able to create a profile or a more educated summation based on the evidence they already have.

Multnomah County Search and Rescue and the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office has begun doing bigger searches for more evidence. Not much information has been given to the public.  Also, no suspect or person of interest have been announced by any of the law enforcement agencies. 

On May 7th, Ashley Real’s body was found in Eagle Creek in a wooded area. She and Kristin Smith were both 22 years old. Joanna Speaks’ body was found in a rural apert of Clark County. She was the only victim so far whose cause of death is known. She died of blunt force trauma according to Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office. More media outlets are reporting as law enforcement begin increased investigations.