Solange Set To Compose An Original Score

Solange, pictured in 2019, is composing a score that will accompany an upcoming work by dancer and choreographer Gianna Reisen. It will premiere at the Fall Fashion Gala at the New York City Ballet. (Julia Reinhart/Redferns/Getty Images/FILE)

Leah Asmelash, CNN

(CNN) — Solange, the singer whose work spans everything from film to fashion, will take her talents to the world of dance, composing an original score for the New York City Ballet.

Solange is set to compose an original score for an upcoming work by dancer and choreographer Gianna Reisen, the New York City Ballet announced Monday. Premiering at the annual Fall Fashion Gala on September 28, the score will be performed by the City Ballet orchestra and will feature a soloist from Solange’s own ensemble, according to a tweet by the singer on Tuesday.

The New York City Ballet did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for further comment.

Following the premiere, shows are scheduled for both October and May at Manhattan’s Lincoln Center.

Though this will Solange’s first step into ballet specifically, the artist has long played with modes of dance. Her albums, most notably 2016’s “A Seat at the Table” and 2019’s “When I Get Home,” often have corresponding videos or films featuring visually stunning choreography.

She has also ventured outside music into performance art, including “Witness!,” in Hamburg, Germany and “Bridge-s” at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Both featured original compositions by Solange.

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