The Grid Game Of The Week: West Seattle 10U Get A Big Overtime Win Over The CD Panthers

By Airik Myers
The Seattle Medium
In an explosive game, full of big plays that lead to an overtime battle, the CD Panthers played host to the West Seattle Bengals. This highlight game of the week lived up to the hype as both offences scored quick, fast, and in a hurry whenever they had the ball.

The first score of the game came on a video game type of run by West Seattle’s Pierre Murphy. The 90-yard run was full of broken tackles, ankle breakers, and still arms as Murphy capped of the run by front – flipping into the end zone. Not to be outdone by his teammate, Corde Garner rushed for a similar touchdown of 50 yards, as the Bengals held a 12-0 lead over the Panthers.

But the Panthers wouldn’t go down without a fight. CD quarterback Kaden Powers threw a beautiful pass for a touchdown to Oteko Mwamba from midfield. West Seattle responded with a 5-yard touchdown run by Sam Turner to close out the half.

The third quarter was full of some great defensive stops by both teams, as neither offense was able to score in the quarter. But the fourth quarter was all Panthers as Keelen Thomas and Mwamba had a 10-yard touchdown run and catches, respectively, to tie up the game.

With the over time coming up, it was time for the defenses to make some stops, and for the offenses to show what they were made of.  West Seattle got the ball first and went to work.

Driving down the field with a purpose, the Bengals scored the first points of the overtime. With an unsuccessful extra point attempt though, they only had a 6-point lead. Then it was the Panthers turn to end the game. The first play was a ball snapped over the quarterback’s head.

The second play was a run of no gain. And the walkoff play for the West Seattle Bengals win, was an interception to the game. The final score was 24-18, West Seattle.