Seattle-based Hydroplane Driver Brent Hall Takes Third Place At Seafair Cup

Hydroplane driver Brent Hall, left, receives a third place trophy from Rob Graham, right, owner of Graham Trucking, after the final heat of the Grand Prix World Seafair Cup hydroplane race last Sunday in Seattle. Photo/Chris Denslow.

It’s been a good summer for hydroplane driver Brent Hall. Hall, a native of Seattle, Washington, placed third at the Grand Prix World Seafair Cup hydroplane race held last Sunday in Seattle.

Hall, driving the HALSCE Family presents Pignataro Volkswagen GP-15, successfully battled against more experienced, veteran competition to make his way to the winner’s podium. Hall was given the assignment to drive in the final heat by the team’s owner and driver Jerry Hopp — who, along with legendary African American hydroplane drivers Harold Mills, has been coaching and mentoring Hall in the sport.

The previous week, Hall had a top 3 finish in the HAPO Columbia Cup GPW event. He also races an outboard powered tunnel boat in the 45 Super Stock class where he came in second at Nationals.