When You Don’t Know The Facts…

By Dr. E. Faye Williams

(Trice Edney Wire) – To add insult to injury, I heard a MAGA man say America is a joke after he had one time served as America’s President and could have fixed whatever he thought was wrong! Instead, he created a lot of problems!  Wasn’t he the man who claims to have done so much for Americans?  To his credit he didn’t say what he did was good or bad—but we Black people know the answer and would not be moved to his corner for a pair of strange gold sneakers with a big “T” on them—not when we Black people have the best sneakers with names like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LaBron James and many others.  We are so proud of the other names on sneakers, and it’s not just Black people’s names are on them!

At any rate, when I heard Charles Barkely’s statement about Black people wearing Trump’s mug shot merchandise as “freaking idiots”, and he should punch them. I am not a violent person, but I sure could understand what he meant.  He admittedly clarified that what he meant when he said that he was not happy when Trump compares his plight with that of Black people.  He said that is what he had a problem with.  I did, too, and so did a lot of other Black people. Sneakers nor Trump tee shirts will get a vote from Black people I know!

The good part about the State of the Union speech of President Joe Biden is that he clarified why sensible people of all races should be supporting him even with the mistakes he’s made.  President Biden gave a master class in reasons the MAGA folk don’t stand a chance when it comes to positive accomplishments for all the people.  To mention a few things, he truthfully told us that since he’s been President inflation has gone down. The price of gasoline has gone down. He supports the right of women to control our own body. He has forgiven student loans. He respects the rights of minorities. He placed women in numerous high-level positions.

He selected the first woman and first Black person to become Vice-President of our country. He kept Obama Care alive and is working to improve it. He stood up for Ukraine. He promised success on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. He hasn’t raped any women. He hasn’t tried to take more money from us by trying to sell us tacky sneakers claiming we’ll vote for him because Black people love sneakers!

He doesn’t have 90+ charges that keep him going to Court more often than he spends time working for the people. He’s made health care cheaper.  He’s bringing down the high cost of late fees on credit cards. He supports Unions and is the first President to go on a picket line to support hard working people. He’s far from an angry old man like the MAGA guy. He’s opening an office to work against gun violence. He works to make America better and his term is not over yet! He proved that age ain’t nothing but a number!

(Amb. Dr. E. Faye Williams, President of “The DickGregorySociety.Org.”)