Portland Police Approved More Reasons to Tow Vehicles

Updated policies now give officers more latitude in having vehicles impounded. Street racing and several other circumstances are the focus. The Portland Police Bureau’s policies went into effect more than two weeks ago. A statement was issued on Saturday about the policy changes. PPB stated that the change was intended partly to address street takeovers common in illegal racing. The policy also allows for towing for a variety of other traffic violations.

There were two city code violations introduced to address street racing — Unlawful Street Takeover and Unlawful Staging of a Street Takeover Event — allow for towing under the new policy.

The policies also includes drivers who do not have a license, a suspended license, or who don’t have insurance. They can have their vehicles towed under the PPB directive.

The policies are selective in it’s enforcement approach. The policy change does not obligate officers to have vehicles towed in all of these circumstances. Cops are authorized to “exercise discretion” in choosing when to impound vehicles if the situation would create undue hardship or risk.

If a vehicle poses a threat to public safety, for “safekeeping,”  or if it’s believed stolen, as evidence in a criminal case, or for parking violations, the vehicle can also be towed.