Police Shooting On Interstate 5

A man was shot and kill by police on I-5 has been identified. Brandon L. Keck, 30, has been killed and is believed to have been involved in multiple armed carjackings and other crimes leading up to the shooting. At gunpoint police fatally shot him. 

Police initially said the suspect shot a woman during a carjacking attempt. On Wednesday, police said they determined “the female victim who reported that she had been shot was not in fact injured by gunfire.” Police then reversed the story saying a woman they said was shot by Keck on the freeway was not shot. 

Police also said they are trying to determine the cause of her injury. Law enforcement said Keck came to their attention through a home robbery in which a car was stolen and that police then received a report of shots fired about 2 miles away. They were then told the suspect had abandoned the first car and forced passengers out of a second car at gunpoint.

Police tracked the stolen gray Saab before it went the wrong way on I-5 and Keck was shot, police said. Police reported that they are still looking to speak with anyone with information about Keck and what happened on Monday. Officer John Hughes of the Portland Police Bureau shot Keck and is on administrative leave while an investigation into the incident is conducted. Video surveillance shows officers pointing guns at a slow-moving SUV. Ten gunshots then ring out as the driver’s side window of the SUV shatters and the car grinds to a halt.

Northbound Interstate 5 in North Portland was closed for hours on Monday, Dec. 6, 2021, as police investigated the aftermath of the incident. Keck is the fourth person killed by Portland police in 2021, following the deaths of Robert Douglas Delgado, Michael Ray Townsend and Alexander Tadros.