Oregon State Hospital Ceases Distribution Of Condoms To Patients

In a scathing federal report released by state officials, it was revealed that Oregon’s state-run psychiatric hospital, the Oregon State Hospital, was failing to ensure the safety of its patients from assaults. However, one particular aspect of the report has caught the attention of reporters and the governor alike. Federal inspectors discovered that staff at the hospital were distributing condoms, which raised questions about the decision-making process within the mental health care facility.

According to Amber Shoebridge, a spokesperson for the hospital, the condoms were being distributed to patients for cleanliness and self-pleasure purposes. The intention behind this decision was to limit the mess that could occur as a result of masturbation. Shoebridge mentioned that this practice had been going on for decades, but it was brought to the attention of inspectors during their investigation into patient assaults.

The concern about condom distribution was initially noted by The Lund Report, and Oregon Public Broadcasting reported on the hospital’s reversal of this practice. The inspectors reviewed the files of numerous patients and also reviewed security footage, which revealed two patients engaging in sexual activity in a sensory room, with an opened condom wrapper found on the floor.

According to staff notes, one of the patients believed that sexual contact was encouraged due to the availability of condoms. The patient had seen condoms being handed out to patients of the opposite gender and questioned the staff about it. Staff members clarified that the condoms were not meant for peer-to-peer use and emphasized that sexual activity between patients was prohibited.

The federal inspectors expressed their concerns regarding the hospital’s condom distribution practice. They found it unclear why the hospital engaged in such a practice without a written policy and procedure in place to ensure the protection and safety of all patients. As a result, the hospital was cited for its failure to prevent patient-to-patient sexual contact and sexual assault.

In response to the report, the Oregon State Hospital has decided to stop giving condoms to patients. This decision aims to address the concerns raised by the federal inspectors and to prioritize the safety and well-being of all patients within the facility.