Man Shot Says Its Because Of The Police

A Portland man has been on local news stating that police officers neglected his 911 call. He said this caused him to get shot. He was shot last Friday. He told others that Portland Police officers left the scene of his stolen car. He said this action caused one of the suspects who stole the car to come out of an apartment building and shoot him.

The victim in this case, identified as Mr. Chen, is still recovering from several gunshot wounds in the hospital. PPB says officers got a call for reports of a shooting.  Edward says Chen’s family is too afraid to return home after their car was stolen twice in a week and Chen almost lost his life last Friday.

There is still no word yet on the whereabouts of the suspect or suspects who shot Mr. Chen, and PPB says the case is still being investigated including the interaction between Chen and police.

On Friday afternoon, a community meeting was held in Southeast Portland between several Chinese community groups, city officials, and representatives from the Portland Police Bureau. “We just want to send out the message to the police department to find out what is going on, and with the investigation, find out why this thing happened,” said Edward Chen, a friend of Chen’s for more than a decade.

Chen’s lawyer, Simon Whang, says he is determined to figure out why his client almost lost his life after making a call to report his stolen car. At Friday’s meeting, those who know Chen say they want to bring community groups and city officials together to get to the bottom of what happened.

The mayor’s office says it has reached out to the Chen’s and let them know that this is being fully investigated. The office said it cannot provide specifics due to the ongoing investigation by the enhanced community safety team. It said the PPB lives by our organization’s values of integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, excellence, and service.