Blackface, Homophobic Slur At Meeting, And BLM Ban All In Newberg

By Portland Medium

A community member used a slur against a student after they left their microphone unmuted during Tuesday’s school board meeting for Newberg Schools. A district statement said that they condemn these actions and has taken necessary steps to ensure it does not happen again.

This year has certainly been an interesting one for the district. One employee was fired after showing up to work in blackface, while an investigation launched into a student’s involvement with racist Snapchat group joking about slavery!

At the school board meeting, Newberg Schools Chairman Dave Brown said adults in the area are setting a poor example for students. He admonished that adults should be role models and positive examples. He reflected on previous encounters where he was bullied. He believes their behaviors may affect kids within the community.

This all follows a recent decision to remove all political symbolism. Some felt that it was nothing more than a naked attempt at appeasing the far-right. The board’s vote came in response to months of heated discussions and debate following an earlier ban on Black Lives Matter and Pride symbols. That action left many wondering why these particular items were being singled out. They later banned all political symbols. The slur at the meeting was reported to be homophobic. Newberg is forty minutes southwest of Portland.