Black Restaurant Week In PDX Until March 2

Portland, Oregon is joining in on the celebration of Black-owned food spots as they participate in Northwest Black Restaurant Week (BRW). From Friday, Feb. 23 to Sunday, March 2, the city is buzzing with nearly 80 Black-owned food businesses showcasing the vibrant flavors of African American, African, and Caribbean cuisine.

Originally launched in Houston in 2016, BRW has gained popularity and is now celebrated in various regions and cities across North America, including Portland, Toronto, the Bay Area, and the Midwest. This event serves as a platform to highlight and support the diverse and delicious offerings from Black-owned restaurants.

Among the 78 participating restaurants in the Pacific Northwest, Portland residents have the opportunity to indulge in the culinary delights of Atlas Pizza, Grits N’ Gravy, and Fish Fusion, to name just a few. These establishments are known for their unique and mouthwatering dishes that reflect the cultural heritage and culinary expertise of their owners.

Northwest Black Restaurant Week not only provides a chance for food enthusiasts to explore different cuisines, but it also aims to create awareness and support for Black-owned businesses. By patronizing these establishments, the community can play a vital role in promoting economic growth and empowerment within the Black community.

The event has garnered significant attention and anticipation from locals who are eager to experience the rich flavors and diverse offerings from these Black-owned food spots. It serves as a reminder of the immense talent and creativity present in the Northwest’s culinary scene.

Whether it’s savoring a slice of pizza from Atlas Pizza, enjoying soulful comfort food from Grits N’ Gravy, or indulging in the fusion of flavors at Fish Fusion, Portland residents have the opportunity to support and celebrate the contributions of Black-owned businesses in the region.

Northwest Black Restaurant Week serves as a reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the culinary industry. It encourages people to step out of their comfort zones and explore the rich tapestry of flavors that exist within African American, African, and Caribbean cuisine.

As the week progresses, Portlanders are encouraged to venture out and discover the hidden gems that lie within their city’s Black-owned food scene. Northwest Black Restaurant Week is not just about delicious food, but also about fostering a sense of community and unity through the celebration of diverse cultures and culinary traditions.

So, if you’re in Portland, don’t miss the opportunity to support and savor the delectable offerings of Black-owned food spots during Northwest Black Restaurant Week. It’s a chance to experience the vibrant flavors, support local businesses, and celebrate the rich cultural heritage that these establishments bring to the table.