Be Sure To Visit Oregon While In Portland

The Portland Medium

There are many things to do in Oregon! For example you can go hiking up Mt. Hood or take a stroll through Portland’s Pearl District where there are tons of shops and restaurants. But if I had only one day for my trip it would be exploring Multnomah Falls. More on that later.

The big city is located on the tip top of Oregon. Portland, Oregon is known for its hipsters and rainy weather. There are awesome black people that live in this city. They celebrate Black culture in a variety of ways. It has the great civil rights organizations, Hip Hop music artists, great entrepreneurs and a diverse spiritual landscape.

Black culture is alive and well in Portland, Oregon. The city has a rich history of African American contributions that continue to shape its identity today. It’s more than just microbreweries, Nike, the Blazers and Powell’s Books. You would be surprised at the people who are from Portland or who live in Portland. We will cover that in another article.

African Americans in Portland, Oregon are looking for good jobs with opportunities to advance just like other cities. The community has many resources that can assist in business and mentoring. For instance it has the Coalition of Black Men, OAME, the Urban League, the NAACP and a host of Black mom and pop stores, churches, barber shops and a cool Black-owned Hip Hop themed marijuana dispensary called Green Hop.

What if you could challenge the status quo of race relations in your community? Well, African American churches across Portland, Oregon are doing just that. The city has history of strong Black clergy through such organizations as the Albina Ministerial Alliance. The city also has a Black Lives Matter Chapter as well as a National Action Network chapter made popular by the historic KBMS Radio (1480AM).

Portland is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. From beaches to mountains, there are plenty of places in Portland with scenic views and exciting adventures. Many Blacks take advantage of these natural benefits.

Also when in Portland, check out Mt. Tabor Park – where you can enjoy some trails and a breathtaking view of the sun setting. It’s also the place where the York statue was recently in the news. That’s right, York of Lewis and Clark expedition fame. York was the only Black on the expedition. He is considered in U.S. history as the first African American to cross the continent and see the Pacific – but we know better.

About an hour away east of Portland is probably Oregon’s best kept secret. The Mount Hood and Hood River area is just incredible. If you have time and want something romantic,  family oriented or both, check it out.

Multnomah Falls:

Finally, the Multnomah falls (also known as the Waterfall) is a must-see on your trip to Oregon. It can be seen from various locations along Highway 26. The soothing sight and sounds of water falling from over 60 feet high with picturesque streams and greenery is a must do. Must do because you can do more than just look at the falls. Yes, tourists are always there taking photos or hiking either to the bridge halfway up or you can go all the way to the top. But, while there, take your phone and video the falls and use it later to meditate or to take you sound into deep, relaxing sleep.