Oregon, Washington Protests Support Abortion Rights

Hundreds gathered in Oregon and Southwest Washington last Tuesday to raise their voices about the potential killing of Roe v Wade. People gathered in Vancouver, Bend and Eugene to focus on supporting abortion rights. 

The U.S. Supreme Court’ case on abortion rights has sparked protests nationwide. A draft opinion leaked Monday. That draft opinion indicated the high court would overturn Roe v. Wade case. The 1973 landmark case gave people the right to legal abortion nationwide.

People voiced their displeasure by turning up the street heat in Oregon and Southwest Washington on Tuesday. In Portland a crowd of hundreds gathered at the federal courthouse in downtown Portland. The Portland Democratic Socialists of America took the least in organizing the protests. A second Portland rally was held at PSU’s Urban Plaza.

In Bend, Oregon, about 200 mostly women, rallied in front of the Deschutes County Courthouse in Bend Tuesday afternoon.  Vancouver also saw more than 50 people gathered at the Clark County Courthouse on Tuesday. 

In Eugene, several hundred people protested at the Eugene Federal Building. KLCC reports the event was quickly organized, as a chance for people to let their legislators know how important this issue is to them. More will be reported as the official US Supreme Court’s opinion is officially released.