Not Being ‘Jugging’ A Victim Is News Now

What only used to be heard about is now widespread. A crime called jugging is now among the fastest growing crimes in America, police say. Those frequenting banks and are women are being asked to watch themselves. Not everyone is proficient in online banking. This gives criminals opportunities to victimize those looking to get cash mainly at banks.

Police are reporting that jugging happens mostly at banks, where suspects follow customers back to their homes before robbing them. Police say they’re mainly seeing women, the elderly and those who are petite or small in stature being targeted.

There have been 82 cases reported this year in the city of Austin alone. An estimated $590,000 have been stolen, according to police. Portland may beging providing numbers and releases on this type of crime. The following are tips to avoid becoming a victim:

– Take note of anyone that is hanging around in the lobby of the bank or parking lot that does not appear immediately occupied.

– Try not to be distracted while in the financial institution-ie: on your phone, earbuds, etc.

Notice any vehicles that may follow you out of the parking lot and ensure you are not being followed.

– Before leaving the counter after receiving cash, secure it in a different bag (other than the small zipper cash bags or envelopes utilized), such as a briefcase or purse.

– Lock your car doors when you get into your vehicle.

– Do not leave large amounts of money inside of your vehicle.

– If you believe you have been followed from a financial institution for any length of time, please call 911 or drive to the nearest police station or fire/EMS station.

– Speak with security at your bank to see if they can assist you with large withdrawals or if they have any safety suggestions when withdrawing a significant amount of cash.