Ex-Wrestler Billy Jack Haynes: Prime Suspect In Lents Neighborhood Homicide

The tranquility of Portland’s Lents neighborhood was shattered recently when a grim homicide took place within its borders. The victim was 85-year-old Janette Becraft who was found dead in her home from a gunshot wound. The suspect in the case is none other than her husband, William Albert Haynes Jr., more commonly known by his professional wrestling alias, Billy Jack Haynes.

Haynes, a 70-year-old Portland resident, was a known figure in the professional wrestling world. Performing under the moniker ‘Billy Jack’, Haynes was a prominent character in the wrestling ring. His physical prowess and larger-than-life persona made him a household name among wrestling enthusiasts.

The shocking incident came to light on Thursday, February 8, at 9:52 a.m. when officers from the East Precinct responded to reports of a shooting inside a home in the 6000 block of SE 100th Avenue. The officers arrived on the scene and found Becraft deceased from what appeared to be gunshot wounds. The immediate evidence pointed towards her husband, Haynes, as the prime suspect.

Currently, Haynes is in police custody at a local hospital, receiving treatment for an unrelated medical condition. The exact nature of his medical condition has not been disclosed, but it has been reported that he might be there for several days. Once Haynes is fit for release, he is expected to be transferred to jail.

While the news of the tragic event has sent ripples of shock through the community, it is a stark reminder of the hidden turmoil that can exist even in seemingly peaceful neighborhoods. It also raises numerous questions about Haynes, his life post-wrestling, and what could have led to such a drastic event.

As the police continue their investigation, the community awaits answers. For now, they can only mourn the loss of Janette Becraft, a beloved member of the Lents neighborhood, and brace themselves for the unfolding of this unnerving tale involving a familiar face from the wrestling world. The story of Billy Jack Haynes, once cheered in wrestling arenas, has taken a dark turn, highlighting the unpredictable and often tragic nature of life. The incident serves as a stark reminder that fame and success in one’s past do not shield from the potential for future turmoil.