$25 Million To Revitalize Portland’s Albina Neighborhood On The Table

The Oregon Legislature is currently deliberating on allocating $25 million towards the revitalization of Portland’s historic Albina neighborhood. The funding would be utilized for the redevelopment of the Portland Public Schools headquarters and the construction of 1,000 housing units in this historically Black community.

Once a vibrant and thriving space for Black Portlanders, the Albina neighborhood has long been marginalized and overlooked. Over the years, there have been concerted efforts to restore the community to its former glory. The Albina neighborhood encompasses parts of inner Northeast Portland, including the Elliot, Boise, King, Humboldt, Overlook, Irvington, and Piedmont neighborhoods.

The displacement of many Black families from Portland’s inner Northeast, driven by urban renewal and the use of eminent domain, has been a painful chapter in the neighborhood’s history. However, there are indications of progress, with ongoing efforts to seek justice for the past and rebuild the sense of community that was lost.

If approved, the $25 million funding would be directed to the Albina Vision Trust (AVT), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for large-scale restorative development in the area. The aim is to revitalize and reconnect the historically Black Albina community. The funds would be utilized to acquire and restore the old Portland Public Schools headquarters building, symbolizing a significant step towards rejuvenating the neighborhood.

The proposed funding is part of the $376 million Emergency Housing Stabilization and Production Package, comprising three bills: Senate Bill 1537, Senate Bill 1530, and House Bill 4134. These bills collectively address the urgent need for housing stability and production in Oregon. The allocation of $25 million towards the revitalization of the Albina neighborhood underscores the commitment of Oregon lawmakers to rectify historical injustices and support community-building initiatives. The funding would play a crucial role in creating affordable housing options and restoring the sense of pride and identity within the Albina community.

As the Oregon Legislature evaluates the proposed funding, community members and advocates are eagerly anticipating the potential positive impact on the Albina neighborhood. The allocation of resources to the AVT represents a significant opportunity to address past inequities and foster a more inclusive and thriving community for all.